1. tenspeed-hero:

    Katie Compton Cross Clinic in Madison, WI. Photos on TSH dot com

  2. K+M Trip to Ireland 2014. Well deserved break for Kyle, a no bikes vacation with my family. We did a lot of sightseeing in the area around my home town. Even climbed a mountain. 

  3. Work done for the day. (at Illinois State Championship Criterium)

  4. newwork:


    Gabe Galloway one of the Cuttin Crew sponsors took some really great photos of us at the track recently. Check out his work!

  5. newwork:

    Ella And Avi

    Ella and Avi at the track

  6. Tayler Wiles of Specialized Lululemon. Portraits of the Pro Women at North Star Grand Prix by Samuel Copeland. Real strength and grace in these photos. See more over at http://tenspeedhero.com/features/north-star-grand-prix-two-of-thee/

    Such a striking photo, I had to steal it and immediately put it on my own tumblr for prosperity. 

  7. Racing the Amy Tremelling a few weeks back. Northbrook Velodrome was featured in the Chicago Tribune. 

  8. Photos from my HIllzbrah post. Please note Marie is a babe

  9. Probably the most internet coolest I’ll ever be. The Ladies of LPV (plus guest riders Liz So, Team Tati + Daphne and I, Cuttin Crew) are featured on the Rapha home page and in the Women’s Prestige. Saving these images of us on the Rapha homepage for posterity 


  10. I rode up some mountains with some friends, and people took pictures